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Last Days #10

Salvation is possible; starvation is averted, and hope is rising aboard Earthrise. Now: just as a future is possible, everything is threatened when Andrew lets himself be manipulated, and Peter makes his move for control.

Download Orbit the Sun - Part 10 - Last days - for Free in Multi Formats

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A forced landing is a pilot’s worst nightmare. The forced landing of an airliner, on the frigid wastes of Antarctica, is unimaginable. As winter draws its white cloak over the continent, rescue becomes impossible; hope slips away, and the ice entombs its victims. Years pass, generations come and go: alien contact is made, and the world is subjugated. Now the future depends on one man.

Download Iceman for $0.99 in Multi Formats

Beneath an old manor house, in a picturesque English village there is a cellar that has been forgotten for centuries. It hides a secret, and it’s hungry.

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............The Northern Australia, Coral Sea Series


Download Pyramid for $0.99 in Multi Formats

Also available from Kindle, Nook and iBookstore


Bloodthirsty Pirates: World War II: an Island paradise, and a stolen Ruby with mystical powers makes a leisurely sailing holiday, anything but. Alone and trapped on an island two children must find a way to save their parents before the Shah’s mystic ruby brings time back into order.

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Download Intimate Relations for Free in Multi Formats

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............The Company Wars Chronicle

There is a time far, far into the future where all that has happened before is forgotten. A future where all people know of is a century's long war that raged even before the systems were colonized. Some believe that having the knowledge of how it began can bring it to an end, but changing the past has consequences that no one could have imagined.

Book One

Download Return to the Beginning for Free in multi formats

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The future can never escape from the past no more than situations can remain the same. Such too can be said of each and every person, but you and I are not always who we seem to be, even to ourselves let alone to a stranger. In some the secrets are even deeper, so deep that even they are unaware of their place or of the course that fate has laid out before them.

Book Two

Download Assimilation for Free in Multi Formats

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Book Three

Download Coming and Going for Free in Multi Formats

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Book Four

Download Return to Pla for Free in Multi Formats

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There was much more to Rhea than Alexi had ever imagined; and more than he could ever have believed.

Download Rhea - Prequel for Free in Multi Formats


We cannot choose our relatives; but accept who they are. We choose our friends, but often find they are not the people who we believed them to be. We work with our associates, but know little of their thoughts. We accept a superior’s choice, while preferring our own. Life is defined by choices that we make; every moment of every day, but of all our choices the wisest among us know that we choose our enemies very carefully.

Book Five

Download Corporate Expansion for Free in Multi Formats


In all our lives there come times when we must face our past. Sometimes we fear what we may see; sometimes we welcomely revisit; but almost always the experience has changed. What were once happy memories are never quite as enjoyable: occasionally a bad experience can be understood, and its demons swept aside. Whatever of our emotions are stirred we are never the same; something either pleasurable or avoided has been taken from us.

Book Six

Download Time Space and Mysticism for $0.99 from Kindle

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The Prophecy - Series One

Multi Format Download


Nicholas, The Beginning

When we are born we are a blank canvas waiting for life to reveal who we are. We live our lives day by day changing it for the better or worse often on no more than impulse. For a few who we will be is already foretold, and their lives will carry them along inextricably to confront their destiny; Nicholas Day is one…



Harriet - End of Peace

A Yin needs a Yang; a prophecy needs heroes; but to those of the old order change is heresy and dissidents need to be hunted down whatever the cost; even if it means a wave of death will spread over the lands of Loc-Sie.



The Gift of Second Life

A stranger helps and tells an even stranger story that sees Nicholas leave all he has ever known behind and begin his search, but he is now a hunted man, and has to go where danger lurks around every bend.



Road and Forest

Nicholas travels to places far beyond even those he has heard talk of, where friendships old and new are revived; wondrous sights are seen, and a whole new history is revealed. Now he has to make the choice to join in the rebellion or stand by as his world changes yet again.



Blood Mountain

Death is following Nicholas as he climbs into the snowline where he finds relics from before the last war, and has to make a choice what part he will play in the coming one.



A Perilous Journey

When Nicholas sets out to confront his destiny danger is not just at the end of his journey; death and hardship lurk all along the way.



Love: Over Before it Began

Nicholas thought he had lost all he had until he has to loose more: in return he is given purpose to his life, even if it means he’ll probably die.



The City

Only Nicholas knows the secret is secret no more and he needs to race to Quone to warn the others, but before he can he has to delay a secret weapon so powerful that if it arrives the rebellion has no chance of success.



The Marshals Ace

As Nicholas arrives in the city and sets about finding the rebels, the Marshal is consolidating his trap, but it must be without the Drakken.



A New Leader Emerges

Nicholas arrives too late to warn his friends, but just in time to witnesses the bloody end of the revolution. With all hope lost he sets out to wreak his own retribution, at the almost certain cost of his own life.



Success and Failure

Nicholas snatches success from failure, but as the celebrations begin the Marshal reveals his ultimate weapon.



A False New Dawn

Not all victories are secured on the battlefield: sometimes in the face of defeat we hand our adversary success simply by accepting we cannot win. When it seems all the options have gone maybe all that is needed is confidence, and maybe an edge…




Nicholas learns the secret of Basilisk, but will a machine be enough to face the Marshal and the might of the Drakken alone.



End game

The battle is over, and the prophecy has come to pass, but is Nicholas prepared for what is to follow?



The full novel is available in paperback.



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The Adventures of Jet Black and the Starship Crew.


Disillusionment can be a great motivator, and when the only way out is up Jet learns that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places: that a courier service is much more than delivering parcels and that diamonds are everyone's best friends.


Download Jet Black and the Escape from Culver City #1 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black - Marooned on the Ice Planet #2 for free in multi formats


So what is Jet to do? To save his and the lives of the crew he has committed theft on a grand scale and made a ruthless enemy. Maybe find a safe hideout, but he can't stay hidden for ever when injustice is wreaked on a helpless society. Then he must risk the Silver Flyer, and give his foe the opportunity to eliminate all the evidence; including him.


Jet and the crew find a 3000k metal sphere in deep space. Why has it apparently been abandoned: why is it full of a single element; and what is it for? It's up to jet to solve the puzzle, and escape in time; if he can.


Download Jet Black and the Metal Planet #3 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black and the Impossible Forest #4 for Free in Multi Formats


A crashed spaceship; a dark and dangerous alien forest, filled with creatures out of nightmares: and all Jet and the crew have to do is find the hidden cargo, and get off the planet alive.


As if landing on a planet bathed in deadly cosmic radiation wasn’t enough, someone's out to kill Jet and the crew; and they want to do it in the most cruel and unusual way they can.


Download Jet Black and the Cosmic Rain #5 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black - Deliver the Devil #6 for Free in Multi Formats


When Jet is asked to work for the militia; transporting one of the Galaxies most dangerous criminals to a penitentiary, it place’s him and the crew up against ruthless people who are determined to set their passenger free at any cost.


Rosie and Chub are dying, and it’s up to Jet alone to save them; that means facing the creature of his nightmares for the first time.


Download Jet Black - and the Elixir of Life and Death #7 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black and the Emperor's Hand #8 for Free in Multi Formats


A mummified hand twelve millienia old: a sacred symbol to some; a symbol of power to others. To the greedy a source of wealth, and to his enemies it could be Jets life.


The crew have just thirty-six hours to put things right before the authorities arrest them, but Jet has accepted an offer from a beautiful stranger; Rosie is going to break the laws of both society and mysticism, and Chub needs to warn the others that killers are looking for them whatever they do.


Download Jet Black and the Emperor's Curse #9 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black and the Planet of the Acid Ants #10 for Free in Multi Formats


A distress call from an isolated outpost, on a planet with carnivorous ants the size of bullocks, that can spit acid. A place to avoid unless your Jet Black


Parts One to Ten of the series is available in paperback.


View Paperback


A city populated only by women; sounds like the place Jet Black would feel right at home, but a lesbos utopia it isn’t when Mermen enslave the population; you've lost half the crew, and your branded a traitor.


Download Jet Black and the Water World #11 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black - Treachery, Deceit and Bluff #12 for Free in Multi Formats


It should have been almost a holiday for Rosie and Jet; a delivery to a planet whose civilisation lives in a medieval time; but then the king turns up in a stretched limo and demands their spaceship: and Chub cant help, he's slowly bleeding to death trapped inside a volcano.


Rosie has to transfer enough gold for a king’s ransom. It should be easy; she has a warship to protect her and everything is a hundred percent legal, so why is she facing life in prison, and why is the stranger who she’s just met got her questioning her feelings for Jet…


Download Jet Black - Gold #13 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black - Holiday from Hell #14 for Free in Multi Formats


Rosie desperately needs a holiday: somewhere quiet where she can relax; but relaxing isn’t possible when the Christmas card snow scene turns into a blizzard, and there’s something outside the cabin intent on tearing its way in. This time Jet really does put life and limb on the line to save the crew and the people of a small town from his own nightmare.


A call from a beautiful Merwoman has Jet and the crew carrying an empty box into hostile territory to face their nightmare.


Jet Black and the Return to the Planet of the Merwomen #15 for free in multi formats.


Download Jet Black and the Incubator #16 for Free in Multi Formats

  A gigantic alien spaceship is racing across the galaxy; it isn’t slowing down and it won’t respond to any calls: what’s Jet and the crew to do before an accident happens? Get aboard, but where is everybody: asleep? And where have all the rocks littering the floors come from? Maybe the answer is to find out what’s prowling around the dark and silent passageways before it finds them.


Jet and Selian take time out to lean about natural history and realises they’ve been so focused on the Swamp Monster that Jets forgotten to watch out for his other nemesis.  

Download Jet Black and the Nighmare Museum #17 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black and the Lost Platoon #18 for Free in Multi Formats


After being delayed in the museum Jet and Selian arrive on the alien spaceship to find it abandoned.

All the crew have to do is transfer some workers to a mining camp, but nobody warned them about iron rain or the Strangelets; and only about one of the contracts.  

Download Jet Black and the Moons of Koo #19 for Free in Multi Formats


Download Jet Black and the Moons of Koo # 20 for Free in Multi Formats


All the crew have to do is transfer some workers to a mining camp, but nobody warned them about iron rain or the Strangelets; and only about one of the contracts

Parts Eleven to Twenty of the series available in paperback soon

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...........Short Stories

Soul Stealers    

What would Halloween parties be without spirits and ghosts…. and old houses; but be sure, be very sure that there’s nothing there: living or dead, before you accept the invitation to step through the door.

Download Soul Stealers from Kindle for $0.99


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Orbit the Sun Series

A hotel at the edge of space; a close encounter with an asteroid, and a journey that no-one expected, go to prove that space tourism: the destination for those who have been everywhere, is not the place you want to be when things go wrong.

An observational error, a miscalculation? Either have consequences: sometimes serious, but mostly the effects can be compensated for. But some mistakes are beyond recovery and sometimes nature reminds us that no matter how clever we think we are, we are no match for her surprises and power.

Download - Into the Unknown #1 for Free

Earthrise has left orbit, and with its reluctant passengers is thrust into the unknown; but as the crew and guests come to terms with their journey, they are unaware that the encounter with Nemesis has affected them in a way that they have yet to discover.

Download - A Far Longer Journey #2 for Free

Is Mathew becoming paranoid; even when more people die he isn’t sure, and what about the beautiful married woman, is she to be the next victim?

Download - Death in Pod eighteen #3 for Free

Mathew is out of his comfort zone, he has to work out how to take the space station closer to the sun. It needs all his attention, but he can’t get the Russian woman out of his mind, or that the commander has accused him of plotting to take over Earthrise. He was sure a murderer was aboard, but it’s possible that everyone is just losing their memory, and now there’s the green glow...

Download - Pestilence #4 for Free

Mathew and the others have a lot to deal with already: they are making their approach to the sun and there's an underflow of dissent: what they need least of all is a parasite that makes them reckless.

Download - The Zombie Bug #5 for Free

As Earthrise gets closer to the Sun both the heat and tensions are rising. Discipline is falling apart; rumour fuels fear, and both crew and visitors are losing faith in decisions that have been made. Now Andrew has to face the mob before Earth leaves them behind.

Download - Mutiny #6 for Free

Earthrise is out of control and heading the wrong way. The command structure has collapsed and gangs are starting to roam the space station. If that wasn’t bad enough Jennifer has betrayed Mathew’s trust, and the fox has been given permission to look after the chickens.

Download - Riot and Disorder #7 for Free

Getting back to Earth is a roller coaster ride as disappointment follows exhilaration over and over; yet when everyone has given up there is a sliver of hope from the last place anyone thought of, but Earthrise isn’t the same place that was flung into space, and while some just want to get home others see the potential to exploit.

Download Long Way Back #8 for Free

Salvation is possible; starvation is averted, and hope is rising aboard Earthrise. Now: just as a future is possible, everything is threatened when Andrew lets himself be manipulated, and Peter makes his move for control.

Download Colony #9 for Free

When Andrew relinquishes command, Peter sees his power under threat; now everything is to play for between him and Mathew.

Download Last Days #10 for Free

At last salvation is in sight: albeit salvation marooned millions of miles from Earth; that is until Peter makes his move, and instead of hope there is only death.

#11 Soon

Peter has commandeered the Mars Explorer and Earthrise is about to make a fiery plunge into Mars’s atmosphere. What began as an holiday out of this world ends above an alien world.

#12 Soon

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I may have been absent from the page but not from writing. Orbit the sun is finished and available in full from Kindle and the final two serialised parts will soon be uploaded to the homepage. I have also been working on Iceman 2 and hope to complete the story in the coming weeks. During the holidays I had a few more ideas for Jet Black adventures so they will be available soon too.




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Jet Black - Book 1. Episodes 1-10

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Alan P. Ellis

In my series of novels: The Company Wars Chronicles, Alan is portrayed as an arrogant and self-important writer, who crossed time and space to become to become part of the story himself. Not a self-critique, but it would be nice to enjoy the same fate.
Alan was intended to remain a briefly encountered character, to allow the resurrection of another character: which in case you may decide to read the Chronicles I will say no more of.

Jet Black
and the
Starship Crew

I like my work to be science based; but Alan doesn’t let facts stand in the way of a story line: so I give him credit for this series of stories about Jet Black. Alan’s idea was to depict Jet as a kind of Flash Gordon, or Buck Rogers: the over the top kind of person who gets into fanciful and implausible situations.

There is also a side of me that identifies with Alan, and it occurred to me long after I had introduced him that by making Jet into a far-fetched character could gave me the opportunity to use a few 'what if' situations I had at the back of my mind that never seemed to fit in my other works. Jet gave me the character I needed without taking the stories too seriously.

Jet himself is a little serendipitous; originally he was supposed to be no more than an footnote to Alan P. Ellis, but as anyone who writes will know; characters sometimes refuse to act the way we intended them to.

Alan P. Ellis created Jet in homage to the writers of Science Fiction during the early years on the twentieth century. This was the time of new and unbelievably exciting possibilities that may seem quaint in today's technological world, but at the time really were ventures into the true unknown. Comic strip cartoon characters like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers were the forerunners to the Luke Skywalkers and James T. Kirks of this twenty-first century. I offer Jet as tribute to the wonderful pioneering hero's and the adventures, that have made Sci-Fi the spectacular experience it is today.

I hope you find as much enjoyment reading these stories as I had writing them.

Jet may have started as a joke, but it seems Alan has had the last laugh.




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Philip Newey

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Novels Coming in 2014


Subterranean 2


Iceman -2- Vengeance

Sometimes Victory is not enough.



One Hundred and forty-three days Overland to Oz

In England the decade was known as the swinging sixties. It was a time of change in almost every aspect of life: at least for the young. The Beatles: the clothes and for the adventurous few, the Hippy Trail. I was one of those few, and amongst those searching for the spiritual enlightenment, I discovered a new life.








































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