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The Charge of the Light Brigade        http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/thechargeofthelightbrigade.html  by Alfred Lord Tennyson  
A Christmas Carol                      http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/achristmascarol.html  Charles Dickens  
A Child's Garden of Verses             http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/achildsgardenofverses.html  Robert Louis Stevenson  
Jabberwocky                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/jabberwocky.html  Lewis Carroll  
Jest 'Fore Christmas                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/jestforechristmas.html  Eugene Field  
Kubla Khan                             http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/kublakhan.html  Samuel Taylor Coleridge  
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner        http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/therimeoftheancientmarriner.html  Samuel Taylor Coleridge  
A Lover's Complaint                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/aloverscomplaint.html  _  
The Man from Snowy River               http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/themanfromsnowy.html  Banjo Paterson  
Troilus and Criseyde                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/troilusandcriseyde.html  William Shakespeare  
Venus and Adonis                       http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/venusandadonis.html  William Shakespeare  
Chicago Poems                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/chicargopoems.html  Carl Sandburg  
Beowulf                                http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/beowulf.html  _  
The Black Riders and Other Lines       http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/crane/theblackriders.html  by Stephen Crane  
Agrippa                                http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/agrippa.html  A book of the dead - William Gibson  
Ode to Spring                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/odetospring.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
Verses on Mrs. Rowe                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/versesonmrsrowe.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
Ballads of a Cheechako                 http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/service/balladsofacheechako.html  Robert W. Service  
Spirits of the Dead                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/thespiritsofthedead.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
The Sleeper                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/thesleeper.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
The City in the Sea                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/thecityinthesea.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
Bridal Ballad                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/bridalballad.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
Alone                                  http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/alone.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
Annabel Lee                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/annabellee.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
The Bells                              http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poe/thebells.html  Edgar Allan Poe  
The Song of Hiawatha                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/longfellow/thesongofhiawatha.html  Henry W. Longfellow  
To Autumn                              http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/toautum.html  William Blake  
Ode to a Cloud                         http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/odetoacloud.html  William Blake  
The Land of Dreams                     http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/thelandofdreams.html  William Blake  
Love's Secret                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/lovessecret.html  William Blake  
The Echoing Green                      http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/theechoinggreen.html  William Blake      
The Crystal Cabinet                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/thecrystalcabinet.html  William Blake  
A Poison Tree                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/apoisontree.html  William Blake  
To Spring                              http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/tospring.html  William Blake  
To Summer                              http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/tosummer.html  William Blake  
The Tyger                              http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/thetyger.html  William Blake  
The Wild Flower's Song                 http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/thewildflowerssong.html  William Blake      
Sleep! Sleept! Beauty Bright           http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/sleepsleepbeautybright.html  William Blake  
Silent, Silent Night                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/silentsilentnight.html  William Blake    
The Schoolboy                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/blake/theschoolboy.html  William Blake  
Verses written in an alcove            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/verseswritteninanalcove.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
Washing  Day                           http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/washingday.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
To the Poor                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/tothepoor.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
To Dr. Priestley                       http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/todrpriestly.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
To Mr. S. T. Coleridge                 http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/tomrscolleridge.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
Epistle to William Wilberforce, Esq    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/Epistletowilliamwilberforce.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
The Mouses Petition                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/themousespetition.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
The Rights of Woman                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/therightsofawoman.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
On the Death of Princess Charlotte     http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/onthedeathofprincesscharlotte.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
On the King's Illness                  http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/onthekingsillness.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
Life                                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/life.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
Inscription for an Ice house           http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/inscriptionforanicehouse.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
A Summer Evening's Meditation          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/asummereveningsmeditation.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
A Thought on Death                     http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/athoughtondeath.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld  
1811                                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/barbauld/1811.html  Anna Laetitia Barbauld    
Auld Lang Syne                         http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/burns/auldlangsyne.html  Robert Burns  
John Barleycorn                        http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/burns/johnbarleycorn.html  A Ballad - Robert Burns  
War is Kind and Other Lines            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/crane/thewariskind.html  Stephen Crane  
To an Old Mate                        http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/toanoldmate.html  Henry Lawson -    Old Mate!  In the gusty old weather  
Faces in the Street                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/facesinthestreet.html  Henry Lawson - They lie, the men who tell us in a loud decisive tone [July -- 1888]  
The Roaring Days                      http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/roaringdays.html  Henry Lawson - The night too quickly passes [Dec. -- 1889]  
`For'ard'                             http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/forard.html  Henry Lawson - It is stuffy in the steerage where the second-classers sleep [Dec. -- 1893]  
The Drover's Sweetheart               http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/droverssweetheart.html  Henry Lawson - An hour before the sun goes down [June -- 1891]  
Out Back                              http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/outback.html  Henry Lawson - The old year went, and the new returned, in the withering weeks of drought [Sept. -- 1893]  
The Free-Selector's Daughter          http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/freeselectersdaughter.html  Henry Lawson - I met her on the Lachlan Side -- [May -- 1891]  
`Sez You'                             http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/sezyou.html  Henry Lawson - When the heavy sand is yielding backward from your blistered feet [Mar. -- 1894]  
Andy's Gone With Cattle               http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/andysgonewiththecattle.html  Henry Lawson - Our Andy's gone to battle now [Oct. -- 1888]  
Jack Dunn of Nevertire                http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/jackdunn.html  Henry Lawson - It chanced upon the very day we'd got the shearing done [Aug. -- 1892]  
Trooper Campbell                      http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/troopercampbell.html  Henry Lawson - One day old Trooper Campbell [Apr. -- 1891]  
The Sliprails and the Spur            http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/sliprailsandthespur.html  Henry Lawson - The colours of the setting sun [July -- 1899]  
Past Carin'                           http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/pastcarin.html  Henry Lawson - Now up and down the siding brown [Aug. -- 1899]  
The Glass on the Bar                  http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/glassonthebar.html  Henry Lawson - Three bushmen one morning rode up to an inn [Apr. -- 1890]  
The Shanty on the Rise                http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/shantyontherise.html  Henry Lawson - When the caravans of wool-teams climbed the ranges from the West [Dec. -- 1891]  
The Vagabond                          http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/vagabond.html  Henry Lawson - White handkerchiefs wave from the short black pier [Aug. -- 1895]  
Sweeney                               http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/sweeney.html  Henry Lawson - It was somewhere in September, and the sun was going down [Dec. -- 1893]  
Middleton's Rouseabout                http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/middletonsrouseabout.html  Henry Lawson - Tall and freckled and sandy [Mar. -- 1890]  
The Ballad of the Drover              http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/balladofthedrover.html  Henry Lawson - Across the stony ridges [Mar. -- 1889]  
Taking His Chance                     http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/takinghischance.html  Henry Lawson - They stood by the door of the Inn on the Rise [June -- 1892]  
When 'Army' Prays for Watty           http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/armypraysforwatty.html  Henry Lawson - When the kindly hours of darkness, save for light of moon and star [May -- 1893]  
The Wreck of the `Derry Castle'       http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/derrycastle.html  Henry Lawson - Day of ending for beginnings! [Dec. -- 1887]  
Ben Duggan                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/benduggan.html  Henry Lawson - Jack Denver died on Talbragar when Christmas Eve began [Dec. -- 1891]  
The Star of Australasia               http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/starofaustralia.html  Henry Lawson - We boast no more of our bloodless flag, that rose from a nation's slime  
The Great Grey Plain                  http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/greatgreyplain.html  Henry Lawson - Out West, where the stars are brightest [Sept. -- 1893]  
The Song of Old Joe Swallow           http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/oldjoeswallow.html  Henry Lawson - When I was up the country in the rough and early days [May -- 1890]  
Corny Bill                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/cornybill.html  Henry Lawson - His old clay pipe stuck in his mouth [May -- 1892]  
Cherry-Tree Inn                       http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/cherrytreeinn.html  Henry Lawson - The rafters are open to sun, moon, and star  
Up the Country                        http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/upthecountry.html  Henry Lawson - I am back from up the country -- very sorry that I went -- [July -- 1892]  
Knocked Up                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/knockedup.html  Henry Lawson - I'm lyin' on the barren ground that's baked and cracked with drought [Aug. -- 1893]  
The Blue Mountains                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/bluemountains.html  Henry Lawson - Above the ashes straight and tall [Dec. -- 1888]  
The City Bushman                      http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/citybushman.html  Henry Lawson - It was pleasant up the country, City Bushman, where you went [Aug. -- 1892]  
Eurunderee                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/eurunderee.html  Henry Lawson - There are scenes in the distance where beauty is not [Aug. -- 1891]  
Mount Bukaroo                         http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/mountbukaroo.html  Henry Lawson - Only one old post is standing -- [Dec. -- 1889]  
The Fire at Ross's Farm               http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/fireatrosssfarm.html  Henry Lawson - The squatter saw his pastures wide [Apr. -- 1891]  
The Teams                             http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/theteams.html  Henry Lawson - A cloud of dust on the long white road [Dec. -- 1889]  
Cameron's Heart                       http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/cameronsheart.html  Henry Lawson - The diggings were just in their glory when Alister Cameron came [July -- 1891]  
The Shame of Going Back               http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/shameofgoingback.html  Henry Lawson - When you've come to make a fortune and you haven't made your salt [Oct. -- 1891]  
Since Then                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/sincethen.html  Henry Lawson - I met Jack Ellis in town to-day -- [Nov. -- 1895]  
Peter Anderson and Co.                http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/peterandersonandco.html  Henry Lawson - He had offices in Sydney, not so many years ago [Aug. -- 1895]  
When the Children Come Home           http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/whenthechildrencomehome.html  Henry Lawson - On a lonely selection far out in the West [Dec. -- 1890]  
Dan, the Wreck                        http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/danthewreck.html  Henry Lawson - Tall, and stout, and solid-looking  
A Prouder Man Than You                http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/aproudermanthanyou.html  Henry Lawson - If you fancy that your people came of better stock than mine [June -- 1892]  
The Song and the Sigh                 http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/songandthesigh.html  Henry Lawson - The creek went down with a broken song [Mar. -- 1889]  
The Cambaroora Star                   http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/cambaroorastar.html  Henry Lawson - So you're writing for a paper?  Well, it's nothing very new [Dec. -- 1891]  
After All                             http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/afterall.html  Henry Lawson - The brooding ghosts of Australian night have gone from the bush and town  
Marshall's Mate                       http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/marshallsmate.html  Henry Lawson - You almost heard the surface bake, and saw the gum-leaves turn -- [July -- 1895]  
The Poets of the Tomb                 http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/poetsofthetomb.html  Henry Lawson - The world has had enough of bards who wish that they were dead [Oct. -- 1892]  
Australian Bards and Bush Reviewers   http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/balladsandbushreviews.html  Henry Lawson - While you use your best endeavour to immortalise in verse [Feb. -- 1894]  
The Ghost                             http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/theghost.html  Henry Lawson - Down the street as I was drifting with the city's human tide [Aug. -- 1889]  
In the Days When the World was Wide   http://www.caelin-day.com/poetry/lawson/worldwaswide.html  Henry Lawson - Down the street as I was drifting with the city's human tide [Aug. -- 1889]  
A Child's Laughter                     http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/swinburne/achildslaughter.html  Algernon Charles Swinburne  
To a Cat                               http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/swinburne/toacat.html  Algernon Charles Swinburne  
Four Songs of Four Seasons             http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/swinburne/4songsof4seasons.html  Swinburne  
A Clasp of Hands                       http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/swinburne/aclaspofhands.html  Algernon Charles Swinburne  
Fatima                                 http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/tennyson/fatima.html  Alfred Lord Tennyson  
Sir Galahad                            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/tennyson/sirgalahad.html  Alfred Lord Tennyson  
Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere      http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/tennyson/sirlauncelot.html  Alfred Lord  Tennyson  
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd       http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/whitman/whenlilacslastinthedooryardbloom'd.html  Walt Whitman  
The Yankee Girl                        http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/whittier/theyankeegirl.html  John Greenleaf Whittier  
In School Days                         http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/whittier/inschooldays.html  John Greenleaf Whittier  
What the Birds Said                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/whittier/whatthebirdssaid.html  John Greenleaf Whittier  
To a Butterfly                         http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/wordsworth/toabutterfly.html  William Wordsworth  
Trees and Other Poems                  http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/treesandotherpoems.html  by Alfred Joyce Kilmer - The Twelve-Forty-Five - Pennies - Trees - Stars - Old Poets - Delicatessen - Servant Girl and Grocer's Boy - Wealth - Martin - The Apartment House - As winds That Blow Against A Star - St. Laurence - To A Young Poet Who Killed Himself - Memorial Day - The Rosary - Vision - To Certain Poets - Love's Lantern - St. Alexis - Folly - Madness - Poets - Citizen of the World - To a Blackbird and His Mate Who Died in the Spring - The Fourth Shepherd - Easter - Mount Houvenkopf - The House with Nobody in It - Dave Lilly - Alarm Clocks - Waverley  
The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke   http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/rupertbrooke.html  Second Best - Day That I Have Loved -  - Sleeping Out:  Full Moon - In Examination - Pine-Trees and the Sky:  Evening - Wagner - The Vision of the Archangels - Seaside - On the Death of Smet-Smet, the Hippopotamus-Goddess - The Song of the Pilgrims - The Song of the Beasts - Failure - Ante Aram - Dawn - The Call - The Wayfarers - The Beginning - Sonnet:  "Oh! Death will find me, long before I tire" - Sonnet:  "I said I splendidly loved you; it's not true" -  Success - Dust - Kindliness - Mummia - The Fish - Thoughts on the Shape of the Human Body - Flight - The Hill - The One Before the Last - The Jolly Company - The Life Beyond - Lines Written in the  - Belief That the Ancient Roman Festival of the Dead  Was Called Ambarvalia - Dead Men's Love - Town and Country - Paralysis - Menelaus and Helen - Libido - Jealousy - Blue Evening - The  Charm - Finding - Song - The Voice - Dining-Room Tea - The Goddess in the Wood - A Channel Passage - Victory - Day and Night - Choriambics - I - Choriambics - II - Desertion -I.  Peace - II.  Safety - III.  The Dead - IV.  The Dead - V.  The Soldier - The Treasure - Tiare Tahiti - Retrospect - The Great Lover - Heaven - Doubts - There's Wisdom in Women - He Wonders Whether to Praise or to Blame Her - A Memory (From a sonnet-sequence) - One Day - Waikiki - Hauntings - Sonnet (Suggested by some of the Proceedings  of the Society for Psychical Research) - Clouds - Mutability - The Busy Heart - Love - Unfortunate - The Chilterns - Home - The Night Journey - Song - Beauty and Beauty - The Way That Lovers Use - Mary and Gabriel - The Funeral of Youth:  Threnody - Grantchester  
The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses      http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/spelloftheyukon.html  Robert W. Service - The Land God Forgot - The Spell of the Yukon - The Heart of the Sourdough - The Three Voices - The Law of the Yukon - The Parson's Son - The Call of the Wild - The Lone Trail - The Pines - The Lure of Little Voices - The Song of the Wage-Slave - Grin - The Shooting of Dan McGrew - The Cremation of Sam McGee - My Madonna - Unforgotten - The Reckoning - Quatrains - The Men That Don't Fit In - Music in the Bush - The Rhyme of the Remittance Man - The Low-Down White - The Little Old Log Cabin - The Younger Son - The March of the Dead - Fighting Mac - The Woman and the Angel - The Rhyme of the Restless Ones - New Year's Eve - Comfort - The Harpy - Premonition - The Tramps - L'Envoi  
Adam Lindsay Gordon                    http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/adamlindsaygordon.html  A Basket of Flowers - A Dedication - A Fragment - "After the Quarrel" - A Hunting Song - A Legend of Madrid - An Exile's Farewell - Ars Longa - Ashtaroth:  A Dramatic Lyric - A Song of - Autumn - Banker's Dream - Bellona - Borrow'd Plumes - By Flood and Field - By Wood and Wold - Cito Pede Preterit Aetas - Confiteor - Credat Judaeus Apella - Cui Bono - Delilah - De Te - "Discontent" - Doubtful Dreams - "Early Adieux" - "Exeunt" - Ex Fumo Dare Lucem - Fauconshawe - Finis Exoptatus - Fragmentary Scenes from the Road to Avernus - From Lightning and Tempest - From the Wreck - Gone - Hippodromania; or, Whiffs from the Pipe - How we Beat the Favourite - "In the Garden" - In Utrumque Paratus - Laudamus - Lex Talionis - No Name - Pastor Cum - Podas Okus - Potters' Clay - Quare Fatigasti - Rippling Water - Sunlight on the Sea - "Ten Paces Off" - The Fields of Coleraine - The Last Leap - "The Old Leaven" - The Rhyme of Joyous Garde - The Roll of the Kettledrum; or, The Lay of the Last Charger - The Romance of Britomarte - The Sick Stockrider - The Song of the Surf - The Swimmer - The Three Friends - Thick-headed Thoughts - Thora's Song - To a Proud Beauty - To My Sister - "Two Exhortations" - Unshriven - Visions in the Smoke - Whisperings in Wattle-Boughs - Wolf and Hound - Wormwood and Nightshade - Ye Wearie Wayfarer, hys Ballad - Zu der edlen Yagd - Sea Spray and Smoke Drift - Podas Okus  
The Blackl Riders and Other Lines      http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/crane/theblackriders.html  by Stephen Crane  
To an Old Mate                         http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/lawson/toanoldmate.html  by Henry Lawson  
A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass          http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/dome.html  by Amy Lowell  - Before the Altar - Suggested by the Cover of a Volume of Keats's Poems - Apples of Hesperides - Azure and Gold - Petals - Venetian Glass - Fatigue - A Japanese Wood-Carving - A Little Song - Behind a Wall - A Winter Ride - A Coloured Print by Shokei - Song -The Fool Errant - The Green Bowl - Hora Stellatrix - Fragment - Loon Point - Summer - "To-morrow to Fresh Woods  and Pastures New" - The Way - Diya - Roads - Teatro Bambino. Dublin, N. H. - The Road to Avignon - New York at Night - A Fairy Tale - Crowned - To Elizabeth Ward Perkins - The Promise of the Morning Star - J--K. Huysmans - March Evening - Leisure - On Carpaccio's Picture: The Dream of St. Ursula - The Matrix - Monadnock in Early Spring - The Little Garden - To an Early Daffodil - Listening - The Lamp of Life - Hero-Worship - In Darkness - Before Dawn - The Poet - At Night - The Fruit Garden Path - Mirage - To a Friend - A Fixed Idea - Dreams - Franki
Incense and Myrrh - From One Who Stays - Crepuscule du Matin - Aftermath - The End - The Starling - Market Day - Epitaph in a Church-Yard in Charleston, South Carolina - Francis II, King of Naples - To John Keats - The Boston Athenaeum - Verses for Children - Sea Shell - Fringed Gentians - The Painted Ceiling - The Crescent  - Moon - Climbing - The Trout - Wind - The Pleiades  
Main Street and Other Poems            http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/mainstreet.html  by Joyce Kilmer - Main Street - Roofs - The Snowman in the Yard - A Blue Valentine - Houses - In Memory - Apology - The Proud Poet - Lionel Johnson - Father Gerard Hopkins, S. J. - Gates and Doors - The Robe of Christ - The Singing Girl - The Annunciation - Roses - The Visitation - Multiplication - Thanksgiving - The Thorn - The Big Top - Queen Elizabeth Speaks - Mid-ocean in War-time - In Memory of Rupert Brooke - The New School - Easter Week - The Cathedral of Rheims - Kings - The White Ships and the Red  
Poems by Walt Whitman                  http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/poemsbywaltwhitman.html  Walt Whitman  
Renascence and Other Poems             http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/renascenceandotherpoems.html  by Edna St. Vincent Millay - Renascence - Interim -  The Suicide - God's World - Afternoon on a Hill - Sorrow - Tavern - Ashes of Life - The Little Ghost - Kin to Sorrow -      Am I kin to Sorrow, - Three Songs of Shattering - The Shroud -  The Dream -  Indifference - Witch-Wife - Blight - When the Year Grows Old  
Sonnets                                http://www.caelin-day.com/poems/sonnets.html  _  
A Poet's Pilgrimage by Dr Philip Higson        http://www.lexikon-publishing.co.uk/pilgrimage/index.htm  Philip Higson's poetry, ranging from the strictly formal to the absolutely free, records an astounding variety of experiences from idyllic country childhood to inner city Baudelairean spleen; from uplifting love to prostrating bereavement countered finally by the elating hope of spiritual reunion  
Sentiments                             http://expage.com/cjpoems  Creative writing and Poetry  
Paths                                  http://cards6.freeyellow.com/path.html  Creative writing and Poetry  
Dos Poetas                             http://galeon.com/dospoetas  Selección de dos poetas de los mejores poemas de dos poetas desconocidos que tienen en campo común el amante de la familia Espaniol y peruano(Two Poets - Selection of best poems of two unknown poets whom have in common the love of the family - Espaniol and Peruvian)

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