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APlus Research & Writing          Resource for high school and college students includes guides for researching and writing academic papers. Also has research links.  

Bibliographical Research Tools    Access to major online English-language libraries for book dealers and collectors  
Bibliomania: The Network Library  Read over 40 works of fiction from writers such as Twain or Austen, as wellas reference, nonfiction and poetry texts. Regularly expanded  
Biography                         Covers more than 15,000 famous lives. Lists latest entries, with chapter samples and interactive quiz  

Chris' Wave Resource for Writing  Has links to Web resources, reference works, and workshops aimed at college-level writers.                    __  
Dictionary of computing           __  

Encyclopaedia Mythica             Flawless mythology reference site.  

Glossary of Rhetorical Terms      Defines dozens of technical, rhetorical terms, such as metaphor and simile, synechdoche and synchysis, chiasmus and climax.  

King James Bible                  __  
On-line Books Page                Searchable database of thousands of online texts (inc. foreign languages)covering topics such as literature, religion and specialty archives  
Onelook                           _  

Romance Central                   Romance Central provides workshops, information and resources for romance writers                     _  
WWWebster                         __  

Andy's Anagram Solver             __  
Bibliographical Research Tools    Access to major online English-language libraries for book dealers and collectors  
British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832        at UC Davis  
Book Stacks Library               texts from other archives, in one place  

Computerized Thesis Writing Guide  __  Web Edition  
Digital Schomburg                  African American Women Writers of the 19th Century at  
Emory Women Writers Resource Project  at Emory  
Internet Public Library Reading Room  __  
Literary Classics                 Online excerpts of well-known literary favorites such as Dickens, Twain,

Caroll, Poe, and Shakespeare  
Making of America                 mid-19th century American texts  
Mountain Men Diaries, Narratives, and Letters      at  
Perseus Project                   classical Greek texts in translation; at Tufts  
Quotation Resources               __  
Samizdat Express                  eclectic collection of texts and pointers  
SETIS                              Australian Literature Collection in Australia  
Scriptwriting Secrets             __  
Scrivenery                      "  __  

ThirdAge                          __  
TeleRead E-Books                  National digital-library project, covers educational and library Web areas. With proposals and debates on the subject  
The Naked Word                    vintage fiction  
The Internet Classics Archive     Greek and Roman texts  
The Luminarium                    medieval - 17th century English literature  

Writers Free Resources            __  
Writers Herald                    __                 __  
Women's Bookshelf                 at