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Art of War Text by Sun Tzu Art of War text by Sun Tzu plus books, strategies and polls, newsletters and much more  
Alighieri                    Read about society in the C13th, or peruse the list of Dante's Italian and Latin writings. Full of etexts, audio clips, quotations, and links  
Aristotle            384-322 B.C. Metaphysics, On dreams, On prophesying by dreams, Poetics  
ischylos                   Aeschylus                   Aeschylus            ca.523-456 B.C.  
Aeschylus            Plays  
Aeschylus            The Plays of Aeschylus - Agamemnon  
Aeschylus            The Plays of Aeschylus - Eumendides  
Aeschylus            The Plays of Aeschylus - The Persians  
Aeschylus            The Plays of Aeschylus - The Suppliant Women  
Aeschylus            The Plays of Aeschylus - Prometheus Bound  
Aristophanes        Aristophanes (c. 448-380 B.C.)  
Aristophanes        The Classic Text: Aristophanes  
Apuleius            The Internet Classics Archive | Works by Apuleius  
Beowulf             ca. 8th century  

The Classics Cafe   The Classics Cafe specializes in everything related to classic literature.  Buy, read, and discuss the Classic of the Month, get literature help from our resident English professor, join the Book Chat, and more  
Classics Collections  Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet  
Classics Archive    Notable works from Homer to Plato, with links to other biblical and ancient texts  
Clasiccs at the On-line Literature Library   __  
The Cantebury Tales  Geoffrey Chaucer  

Diotima             __  
                    The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri    
Euripides           Plays  
Euripides           Euripides (c.480-406 B.C.)  
Gutemberg Project   On-line Books Page  
Grammaticus Saxo    Vademecum in opus Saxonis  

Homer               The Classic Text: Homer  
go to....            The Iliad by Homer, trans. by Samuel Butler  
go to....            The Odysseys of Homer, trans. by George Chapman      

Internet Classics Archive  Over 400 Greek, Roman, Chinese, and Persian texts in English translation. Authors include Virgil, Homer, Aristotle, Plato, and Tacitus  

Labyrinth Library   Middle English texts including works of Chaucer.  
Luminarium          collection of Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century English literature.  
Lucretius           The Internet Classics Archive | On the Nature of Things by Lucretius  
Lucretius           Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe  
Lucretius           What Lucretius Wrought  

Menander            Menander (342 B.C. - 291 B.C.)  

On-line Library     __  
Ovid                Univ. of Vermont, Hope Greenberg: Ovid Project  
Ovid                The Classic Text: Ovid  
Odysseas Elytis     Poetry of Odysseas Elytis  

Project Runeberg    electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art.  
Primary Latin Texts  __  
Perseus Project     Internet Classic Archive  
Plautus             Titus Maccius Plautus (c. 254 - c. 184 B.C.)  
Resources for Greek and Latin Classics  Library of Congress  

Sophocles           Plays  
 Sophocles (ca. 495-406B.C.)  
Sophokles           Sophocles (c.496-406 B.C.)  
Sappho              Sappho Page  
Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature  (1485-1603)  
go to....            Plays by Sophocles    

Terents             Publius Terentius Afer (195 or 185 - 159 B.C.)  
The Internet Library  Alex cataloge of electronics books  
Titus Livius        The History of Rome volume1  
Titus Livius        The History of Rome volume2  
Titus Livius        The History of Rome volume3  
Titus Livius        The History of Rome volume4  
Titus               The History of Rome volume5  
Titus Livius        The History of Rome volume6  
Thucydides          History of the Peloponnesian War  
Vergil              The Classic Text: Virgil  
Vergil              Aeneiden - latin  
go to....           The Aeneid (2)    


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